Hi, I'm Amber

Fueled by curiosity and compassion, I am a designer dedicated to enhancing user experiences while contributing positively to the environment.

With a background in fine art and psychosynthesis, I take a holistic approach to design. My studies in anthropology and psychology have led me to view my work through the lense of humanity-centered design, ensuring that each project not only addresses functional aspects but also deeply resonates with the diverse facets of human experience.



in my free time...

A unique aspect of my journey involves collaborating with the Dallas Zoo's male gorilla group. Every week I spend time with these amazing creatures, sketching and ideating. This unorthodox approach puts me in a mindset that’s not just about humans.

Sitting with these amazing creatures offers a non-anthropocentric mental modality, inspiring designs that are user-friendly and environmentally conscious. For more than five years I have been reimagining the future of zoo design, placing animals at the center and utilizing UX principles.

My goal is to contribute insights to the future of zoo design, creating spaces that focus on both animal welfare and knowledge driven user experiences.



Thank you

Thank you for viewing my portfolio and much gratitude to all those who have believed in me along this journey.