The following is a study, with special permission from the assigning professor, exploring Psilocybin as a unique system for creative flow. This investigation dives into the intricate dynamics of creativity, pondering whether it's an innate gift or a skill to be learned. Through this observational study psilocybin becomes a potential catalyst for heightened creativity. By observing participants during a ritual ceremony where they partake in psilocybin, my aim is to understand the impact of this psychedelic substance on the creative process. With a focus on psilocybin, the project contemplates its role as a system for creative thinking, offering a unique lens into breaking free from conventional mindsets. This research project explores altered states as a compelling part of the creative process.


Participants engage in a carefully crafted psilocybin ritual, accompanied by a controlled environment and supportive facilitators. During the ceremony, I am able to provide creative supplies such as markers and paper are provided to encourage spontaneous artistic expression. My goal is to enable the explorers the ability to play and express within the intersection of altered states of consciousness and artistic creation. The attendees are not forced or coerced to create in any way. The results above are an example from one attendee who fully embraced the art experience during the ceremony. 



The individual artworks generated during the ceremony are collected and carefully analyzed. Observation of the participants expression of their experience guides the process of merging these individual creations into a cohesive image. This compilation aims to represent the collective creative energy experienced during the psilocybin ceremony. 

Using the compiled creations, I, as the researcher, take on the task of synthesizing the various elements into one image painting. This process involves intuitive artistic choices guided by the themes and emotions expressed in the individual artworks. The resulting painting serves as a visual representation of the collective creative journey undertaken during the psilocybin ritual.



This case study offers a unique perspective on the intersection of psychedelics and creativity. It also informed my research into the connection of psychedelics and creativity (research paper can be found below). By blending scientific observation with artistic interpretation, my aim is to contribute to the growing understanding of the impact of psilocybin on the human creative experience. Through exploration, perhaps room can be made with new avenues for discussions around the potential benefits and risks associated with the ritualized use of psychedelics in a creative context.

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