This case study aims to enhance the online presence of an organization, acknowledging the significant impact of website imagery and user experience on the perceived quality of the company.

The design objectives are multifaceted: first, to create an intelligent information architecture for smooth navigation among existing members, industry participants, and accommodate the expansion of annual entries; second, to craft an intuitive user experience; third, to develop a system integrating seamlessly with the current member management module (MemberPress) and eCommerce solution (Auth.net/WooCommerce); finally, to engineer a solution for entrants to manage registrations and submissions effortlessly. These elements will blend into a design concept that not only accentuates the organization's reputation but also resonates effectively with the target audience, ensuring a meaningful and user-friendly interaction.


A targeted 10-question survey was crafted to better understand the client's specific requirements. The survey covered crucial aspects such as primary competitors, user demographics, and essential features like honey pots and bot blockers. This meticulous approach to gathering information laid a solid foundation for understanding the client's needs and shaping the project strategy.



The project began with a collaborative discovery process, blending discussions and independent research to define its scope. Ongoing communication and research played pivotal roles in maintaining a comprehensive understanding. Consistent engagement was a project-wide necessity. The outcome materialized as a succinct Strategy Brief outlining creative and communicative goals. After thorough review, revisions, and final approval, the project seamlessly transitioned into the design phase.



A comprehensive solution was crafted through the design and development of both desktop and mobile applications, aligning with the client's preferences, and addressing the unique needs of users. Key design elements included a user-friendly sequential access carousel for browsing of bands and artists, an intuitive seat identifier for easy navigation, a robust search feature enabling users to explore events by date and artist, and a custom-built shopping cart to streamline the ticket purchasing process. This approach ensured a cohesive and engaging user experience, enhancing the overall functionality of the platform.


Selected Works

GreenSwapSystem Ideation

Ticketing SiteApplication Prototype

Plug RedesignSystem Ideation

RoomMatesResearch through survey approach for future application design